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Medford Area

The heart of life in Medford is home and family. Ours is a city run with input from its citizens for the betterment of its citizens. Here, there's a community-wide commitment to the issues that touch us all: education, safety, quality health care and abundant leisure and recreation activities centered in our spacious, well-maintained parks. A drive down any of Medford's city streets will convey, far better than words alone, the old-fashioned values of pride, hard work and selflessness that have found a permanent home in our very progressive city. Learn More»

Chamber of Commerce

A community begins with a location, but doesn't end there, because "community" is much more than just geography. A community is people...people living, people dying, people buying, people selling, people working, people teaching, people learning and people retiring after their life's work to enjoy the fruits of their labor. A community must be nourished and kept vital if it is to realize its fullest potential. That's part of what your Chamber of Commerce does. Your Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving Medford and the Medford Area "Community". Learn More»

Taylor County Tourism

The Medford area offers outstanding diversity in outdoor recreational opportunities. County rivers and lakes combine with federal, state, and county forests to offer the finest in year-round recreation. Taylor County is noted for excellent small game, deer and waterfowl hunting. Game fish and panfish are plentiful with almost 100 lakes in the area. The Chequamegon National Forest covers one-third of Taylor County, providing unlimited opportunities for hiking, camping, bird and wildlife watching, fishing and hunting. Learn More»

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